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Coaching and Mentoring

We believe that all businesses can achieve far more when they have the support and encouragement of a Coach and the wisdom and advice of a mentor.

Over the years, we have found that everyone has questions, concerns and problems that they need solving or answered.  As we are dealing with these issues daily we can generally answer a lot of those questions or concerns.

We are here to make your life easier, some business owners are new to business or are struggling in business and really need the help of coach.  Other business owners are highly experienced and simply need someone as a sounding board or gain a different perspective.


Why choose Presidential Accounting to be your coach or mentor?

  1. We run our own business and we are dealing with other business owners every day.

We typically have 50 to 75 business clients that we are working with at any one time.  What this means is that every day we see clients who are successful in what they do.

Due to our analytical nature we are able to pick the eyes out of what works and what doesn’t, so when we make a recommendation you can be sure that it is well thought out, considered and based on something that has been successful somewhere else.


  1. We Understand the numbers

Business coaches tend to get excited about the upside and blindly lead the business owner down a path that has not sufficiently considered the potential risks and financial impact of a new strategy.

Accountants are sometimes slower to make decisions or provide recommendations but that is because we are doing the calculations to be sure an idea stacks up and the benefits outweigh the risks.

We are experts in risk mitigation and a valuable addition to any management team.


  1. We understand the difference between Profit and Cash flow.

As accountants we hear clients saying “You say I have a profit but why am I always broke”.  As Accountants we do not get blindsided by ideas that look great on paper. What we want to know is,

  • Is this project cash flow positive?
  • How are we going to finance the new strategy?
  • What if the projections do not come through as planned?
  • What can be done to ensure the business cash reserves are not bled dry?

Too many businesses are in a situation of playing catch up.  They are technically trading insolvent.  They can’t immediately pay their bills as and when they fall due.  Simply increasing sales does not solve the problem.  As accountants we take a holistic view to create a profitable and cash flow positive business.


  1. We are well educated

As accountants with a CPA accreditation, we have spent 6 years in training.  Yes, three years university and then three years post graduate studies with combined work experience.

Following that we are also required to do a minimum of 40 hours study every year to keep our certification and tax agents license.

On top of all that we also educate ourselves in the areas of management and marketing, so that we can understand the issues and guide people in running a successful business.


  1. We are well respected and trusted

All the surveys show that accountants are the most trusted advisor.  We spend much of our time talking with clients.  We are calm, collected and entrusted with information that often no one else has access to.

We develop excellent networks within our client base and spheres of influence.  As such we are able to influence others and create win-win scenarios to benefit our customers and clients.


What is the difference between a coach and a mentor?

A coach is a formal arrangement where we are hired to educate and guide you to an end result.  Generally it is a short-term arrangement between one and two years.  In the beginning you will be treating us like a coach.  You will be asking for our guidance and you will expect us to have the answers to get the winning results.

In saying that, you are the athlete seeking the results.  You will need to be dedicated, work hard and willing to listen.  You will absorb what we say and implement the strategies as we teach you.  You will also understand that not every strategic move gets results.

As your coach we will be assessing and monitoring your progress.  We will be giving advice about your effectiveness and efficiency.  We will develop tools; systems and procedures that will help you get the results you want.  We will then teach your team how to effectively use the tools and get results themselves.


A mentor is a less formal arrangement.  As time progresses we will transform into your mentor.  We will learn to respect each other’s opinion.  You will use us as a sounding board to ensure you are making the right decision.  You will be free to pick and choose strategies on how to get the results.   We will be your friend and confidant, we will question, and give different perspectives but you will be free to make your own decisions.

Once you are in business, you are on your own.  There is no boss to lean on anymore.  So whom do you ask when you need a second opinion?  Or when you need some emotional support?  It isn’t always easy to discuss things with your spouse/partner or staff.  We are here to help you make better choices and hopefully avoid unnecessary mistakes.

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