Have you thought about your retirement, or is that something that you are putting off until you’re older? Life goes a lot faster than you think, and the amount of money you will need to live comfortably on in your senior years is probably a lot more substantial than you think. The best time to consider your retirement is the first week you start bringing in a wage. If you set that up now, then your retirement years will be a lot more enjoyable, as they should be!

Presidential Accounting understands the difficulty most people have when trying to find the best Superannuation option for their situation. The choices seem endless, and the jargon is almost like a foreign language. Don’t leave your Superannuation to chance, what is right for other people may not be the best choice for you. Visit us in our boutique accounting offices if you are on the Gold Coast and sit with our experienced accountant, we can go through the options with you and explain what we think will be your best Super choice.

Our Gold Coast team stays up to date with current Superannuation fund regulators, government resources, rulings, forecasts and budgets and we do this to ensure that we can give our clients the most up to date information.

Presidential Accountants can give you specialist taxation advice about investing in self-managed Superannuation funds and we will explain how this can benefit you substantially.

With the help of our experienced team at Presidential Accounting you can take control of your own Superannuation investments with a self-managed Super fund. These can sound daunting, but they are inexpensive and easy to set up with charges that are usually lower than mainstream funds.

A self-managed fund will give you the flexibility to use your money wisely, and invest in assets that you choose, not just how the fund chooses for you. There are also benefits in being able to borrow from your Super fund to purchase properties or shares. Come in to our Gold Coast office and let us explain how this could be the right path for you.

Don’t let the compliance regulations put you off, our team on the Gold Coast are happy to discuss this with you and help you ascertain if a self-managed Super fund is something you would benefit from. Presidential Accountants are focussed on presenting our clients with accurate information and strategies to ensure they receive the best advice and outcome. Don’t put this off, it is important to maximise your retirement income by sorting this out early and without fear of non-compliance.

Presidential Accounting, Gold Coast, can also help with:

Borrowing Against Your Self-Managed Super Fund

Let Presidential Accounting provide you with assistance in the registration of required bare trust structures, as well as with the finance application process

Self-Managed Super Fund Set Up

Call into our Gold Coast office and let us assist you with the formation of your Self-Managed Super Fund, and with the registrations required on the fund’s behalf including: ABN, TFN, and ATO registration.

Preparation of Annual Self-Managed Super Fund Financial Statements

Our experienced accountants can also prepare your financial statements without any stress for you!

We are able to prepare annual SMSF statements (as required under the SIS Act); and provide detailed member statements and all investment reports. 

Don’t think that your Superannuation will just look after itself. The last thing you want to do in your retirement is to have to worry about money. Call into our boutique Gold Coast office and enjoy a chat and a cuppa while we discuss your best Superannuation options!

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